Why Is This One-Off $1 Million Monster Truck Still For Sale?

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You know you want it.

So remember that insane monster truck limo called the "Sin City Hustler" that went up for sale not too long ago? Well guess what? It still hasn't found a home and the tuner, Big Toyz Racing (BTR), has some new photos to entice big truck lovers who are flush with cash. This monster is as ugly as it is awesome. The "Hustler" is based on a Ford Excursion, but has been stretched to a ridiculous 32 feet long, stands 12 feet high and is a chunky 11 feet 8 inches wide.

The enormous set of 66 x 44 x 15 inch Firestone Terra tires, 26 inches Nitrogen race shocks, Bulletproof Rockwell PS-115 axles and specially crafted drive-lines, are what give this insane custom Ford its ridiculous height. Additionally, the massive wheelbase is over 23 feet and the weight of this extreme Excursion scales is a hefty 15,000 pounds. The Sin City Hustler can fit 12 passengers and a driver comfortably, and is equally capable both on and off road. This beast is powered by a 521 Jon Kaase-built BBF engine that produces over 750 hp and provides the truck with supercar-esqe output.

Every piece of this monstrosity was custom built by hand and the result of the masterful craftsmanship at BTR is a one-off monster truck limo in a class of its own. For the bargain price of $1,000,000, this baby can be all yours. Any takers?

Source Credits: www.bigtoyzracing.com

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