Why Does This Russian Porsche 911 Owner Hate Obama?


How Russian freedom of speech works.

It's not that unusual for anyone to have a difference of opinion with the President of the United States, or any world leader for that matter. Obviously acts of violence are unacceptable, but there is something called freedom of speech that allows for people to express their misgivings openly. Anatoly Frolov, hailing from Moscow, Russia, has done just that. He spray painted a few personal messages to President Obama on his Porsche 911 Carrera. His complaint? He's pissed about the sanctions Obama imposed on Russia for what's been happening in the Ukraine.

"Fuck Obama", among other things, is what one side of the car reads. Apparently, spraying painting anti-Obama graffiti isn't such a new thing for Russians, but usually the cars are rust buckets. Frolov claims the spray paint will wash off and he's already planning to write more graffiti on another one of his cars. What kind? A Ferrari. Oh yeah, since when was there total freedom of speech in Russia? Apparently anything anti-Obama won't land you in jail.

Source Credits: news.vse42.ru

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