Why Is This Stunning Enzo Ferrari Unlike Any Other?


Hint: bare carbon fiber has something to do with it.

Only 400 were produced from 2002 until 2004. Not all are still around today, sadly. Blame owners who didn't know how to properly drive them. Seeing an Enzo Ferrari is a rare occasion and not everyone will be fortunate enough to have such an encounter during their lifetimes. But today we have something very special to share: the one-off Carbon Enzo. We previously did a feature story about this Carbon Enzo but now it's time to see and hear the thing up close in our latest unboxing review.

How is this Enzo different from all other Enzos? It's the only one to have an exposed carbon fiber body. In fact, this is the car that convinced not only Ferrari executives to approve "colored carbon fiber" as a factory option, but it also inspired one Horacio Pagani. Yeah, that Horacio Pagani. How so?

He went on to create the exposed carbon fiber-bodied Zonda F and Revolucion. This Enzo, a 2004 model, was originally Rossa Corsa Red with a black leather interior. However, anything that was red became clear carbon fiber. Anything that was clear carbon fiber became red carbon fiber. Those were the conversion rules, but now it's time to check out the video, don't you think? Special thanks to Danny Baker, President of Exotic Motors Auto Group for giving us exclusive access to this Enzo at Pebble Beach.

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