Why Is This Supercar-Driving Grandma Being Busted By The Cops?

No, she wasn't speeding to catch an early bird dinner special.

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood damn near killed his 78-year-old grandma in this video. Atwood tricked his grandmother into thinking the Nissan GT-R she was riding in was stolen. (In reality the car belongs to Atwood.) Apparently grandma had been wanting to take a ride in the car for some time, and her wish was finally granted on her 78th birthday. The pair stops so that grandma can take pictures in the driver’s seat, and that’s when the cops bust her for driving a stolen car.

Atwood’s grandma seems to be reacting realistically, even if her reaction is a bit on the dull side. Let’s just all be thankful that she didn’t keel over and die when the “cops” were about to cuff her.

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