Why Is This Trans Am More Expensive Than A Bugatti Veyron?

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And Kelley Blue Book wept when it saw the price of this used Pontiac.

For only $3.7 million dollars you can get your hands on a 2002 Pontiac Trans Am covered in gold, rhinestones and chrome. This ambitious seller and current owner is All Naeemi, an Iranian immigrant who lives in Germany. Mr. Naeemi originally bought the Trans Am in 2004 for $41,000, and since then he's poured a ton of money into making it look as gaudy as possible. He finished the gold exterior in 2009 and won a tuning award for his work.

Gold and Swarovski crystals can significantly bump up the cost of a car, but Naeemi will likely spend a long time trying to find any takers at his asking price. In the meantime here's hoping he continues to customize his car. There seems to be empty space on the dashboard that is just begging to be covered in crystals.

Source Credits: www.carscoops.com

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