Why Is This Woman Freaking Out Over A Subaru STI?

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Seriously, it's a genuine freak out.

It's understandable that some people don't like loud cars, especially in their neighborhoods. To get rid of the problem, one could simply ask the car's driver to please leave quietly. The driver, more than likely, will politely oblige. But every now and then things can get out of control, verbally speaking. We're not talking about violence, but an erratic and possibly disturbed individual whose chosen words border on the incoherent. This woman, as you're about to witness, really, really doesn't like this modified Subaru STI or its driver.

Is it too loud? Well, it's loud but nowhere near as loud as her yelling that she's going to call the police. Fat chance they'll actually show up and do something. Oh, and fair warning: she uses some pretty foul language.

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