Why Is Tuning Company Saleen Being Investigated For Fraud?

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One Ford dealership says that Saleen has been shady on a few deals.

Saleen Automotive is being sued by a large Ford dealership in Texas, Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, for fraud and breach of contract. The dealership reportedly paid Saleen to modify three 2015 Mustangs which arrived six months late missing around $22,000 in upgrades. Another dealership, Friendship Ford of Bristol in Tennessee, says that it is still waiting for a Yellow Label Mustang that it ordered over a year ago. Saleen blamed the delay on a vendor and the car's whereabouts are unknown according to an executive at Friendship.

Saleen reported to Friendship Ford and Automotive News that the $55,000 Mustang was shipped in early June. It is now mid-July and Friendship's GM, Denny Fruth, says that he has not received the car. Fruth says that, "I don't know where the car is. I don't have a clue." He has even "thought about jumping on an airplane to L.A. and walking in the shop to see if it's in there." Saleen has overcome a myriad of financial issues and is currently strapped for cash. Company owner Steve Saleen lost the rights to the name when he left IN 2007 and eventually regained the brand in a legal battle back in 2012. We hope that these issues are isolated incidents and that Saleen can get its act together.

There are other tuning companies like Shelby (which has also been in some trouble as of late) and Roush that specialize in Mustangs, but we wouldn't want to see a company like Saleen go out of business again. After all, the world needs hi-po Mustangs because when it comes to Ford's flagship muscle car more power is always better.

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