Why Isn't Subaru Rushing To Get An EV Out This Decade?

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Everyone else is, so why not Subaru?

Only those who are completely oblivious to the automotive landscape will be unaware of the rising popularity of all-electric cars. Though they're still some way off from usurping gas and diesel power, EVs are progressing at an astonishing rate in terms of feasibility and usefulness on a day-to-day basis. As a result, everyone seems to be frantically rushing to get an EV model into production. That is, according to Drive.com.au, everyone bar Subaru.

That's not to say Subaru isn't aware of the wider industry EV trends: in the Drive.com.au interview, Subaru Australia's managing director, Nick Senior, is confident that the next decade will see a big shift in how all-electric cars are perceived, and confirms Subaru is definitely keeping a close eye on how the market is constantly responding to EVs. However, Senior is also of the impression that it's still far too early to start thinking about getting an all-electric car into production in the next couple of years, and it seems to be the case that Subaru doesn't have any plans to introduce a full-on EV until sometime in the next decade.

As alluded to earlier, though, Subaru isn't being complacent. On top of keeping track of what customers want from their next car, the Japanese carmaker is already putting the right pieces in place for when the EV shift happens (the new platform that underpins the 2017MY Subaru Impreza, for instance, has been engineered to support hybrid and all-electric powertrains). But it's still interesting to see Subaru is willing to sit on the sidelines and do its own thing for the time being, while everyone else does all the hard work involved with figuring out what works and what doesn't.

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