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Why Morgan is So Damn Cool

Whether one calls it passion or a stubborn refusal to change, there's nothing else like a Morgan.

What you’re about to see is something of a time portal back to the early 20th century. You see, Morgan Motor Company is the only automaker in the world that has done as little as possible to change with the times. Its cars are still handbuilt by expert craftsmen and women and not by some massive robot. Morgan is still a family-owned company that quite possibly builds the coolest cars on the planet. With their famous ash wood frames, light chassis and powerful motors, Morgans are purely meant for driving pleasure and simplicity.

Aside from the typical four-wheeled cars like the gorgeous Aero 8, there’s also the awesome 3 Wheeler and its motorcycle engine. This latest video from the Drive channel features a complete factory tour led by Charles Morgan himself. It’s over 20 minutes long, but well worth checking out.

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