Why On Earth Does A Mercedes SLR McLaren Hood Cost $75,000?

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The price of supercar parts is too damn high.

The general rule with all cars is that the price of individual parts is higher than the car as a whole. That's why thieves who steal cars strip them for parts and why, with a little know-how, a wrecked vehicle can be sold off piece by piece to recover a large sum of its price. And just as the price of a car is magnified if it's a supercar, the sum of the parts explodes in cost when delving into the top shelf of the auto world. With many supercars, it almost seems that it's more expensive to fix the car than to trash it and buy an entire new one.

Take the Porsche 918 Spyder for example. It's engine alone costs a staggering $262,951, which must then be tucked into an engine carrier unit that's priced at a bargain $88,176. To replace the brake discs, a check for $9,000 must be written. We could go on but you get the point.

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The Porsche 918 is not unique either. As it turns out, supercars aged a generation or more can command similar exorbitant premiums for parts that would cost a fraction on a normal car. In this particular video, we hear about the mystical hood (it should damn well be mystical for the price) of the Mercedes SLR McLaren. Asking price? Don't expect to spend much less than $75,000 for your own copy of one. For that price, you could buy a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which has an additional 95 horsepower over the Mercedes McLaren lovechild, with enough cash left for a brand new Nissan Versa. Not that you'd want the Versa, but still, that hood better be able to stave off cancer if you can buy two brand new cars with it.


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