Why On Earth Race A Challenger Hellcat Against An Infiniti Q70L?


On the track the two may have more in common than what meets the eye.

We’re not exactly sure why The Fast Lane Car seems to have such an affinity with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, maybe it’s their long term press car or maybe they count themselves amongst the Challenger fans that think every question about road-going domination can be answered with a Hellcat badge, but whatever the case, the love for 707 horsepower and rear-wheel drive has led to this interesting matchup. On the starting line is the aforementioned Hellcat and its most obvious close competitor, the Infiniti Q70L.

It’s only once both cars get on the road that the differences leave the comparison in disarray. It’s apparent that the Dodge will be the winner of any straight line comparison while the Infiniti is best suited for picking up patrons at the opera house.

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However, we think there’s a separate test that will give us the answers we’re really looking for. What we all want to see, after all, is a test that proves which car is faster than the other, but the one thing TFLC misses out is the curving lines of the race track. The Hellcat easily outclasses the Infiniti when it comes to horsepower, but the fact that it can’t keep its rear wheels planted to save its life makes it a huge problem in the corners. A long-wheelbase luxury sedan isn’t ideal for the apexes either, but with plenty of horsepower on tap and all-wheel drive, the Infiniti could hold a candle to the SRT division. Only one way to find out, isn't there?.