Why Shouldn't Vin Diesel Drive A Jet-Powered Charger In 'Fast 8'?

New video of Dom's Charger shows a giant aircraft engine in the back.

We haven't even seen a trailer for "Fast 8" yet, but that hasn't stopped a literal flood of leaked behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from hitting the interwebs. While the Fast & Furious franchise can certainly have moments that drive true car enthusiasts up the wall (why are you shifting so much?!), the mix of over-the-top action and awesome cars make it one of the coolest action franchises of all time. So when we saw a version of Dom's Charger with a giant aircraft engine in the back we naturally sat up and took notice.

In the short video clip we see Vin Diesel's Ice Charger being driven out of the DUB Show and under the power of a V8 of some sort. What is interesting however is what appears to be some kind of jet or helicopter engine mated to the rear structure of the car. Could this be a jet-powered Charger? Oh man, we hope so.

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