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Why Tesla Doesn't Care About Giving Away its Patents

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Another stroke of genius by Elon Musk.

Some may think Tesla's Elon Musk is a complete lunatic. Or maybe he's Iron Man. Perhaps a bit of both. Whatever the case is, Musk has once again been making news regarding the future of his car company, Tesla, his rocket company, SpaceX, and other future projects. For starters, not only is Musk determined to get humans onto Mars by 2026, he's also giving away his EV technology patents. Yes, giving them away. Some may think that's bad for business.

Perhaps, but in Musk's case, he once again is looking at the much bigger picture. He not only acknowledged that this is an unorthodox move, but said that "if we succeed, it will help kick-start electric vehicle sales." He wants to combat climate change and reduce the use of fossil fuels. No one should doubt his good intentions, but Musk is no idiot either. He's fully aware that, unlike his competition, Tesla is the only company to mass produce super-fast charging stations. It has figured out how to do this when no one else could. Looking at the even bigger picture, Musk's end game is supplying the electricity to power those cars, which he hopes will be built by other competitors.

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Those automakers will need the ability to power their cars from somewhere (or someone). As the transition from oil to electricity increases (which it will), Musk will be waiting with that electricity in hand for everyone. Not just in the US, but the world at large. He's an absolute genius, both as a visionary and entrepreneur.