Why the 1976 Dodge Aspen Failed Worse than Apollo 13

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It makes arriving at your destination a personal victory.

There are some things about a car you just can't make up. The 1976 Dodge Aspen is a prime example. For all intents and purposes it was an abysmal failure. Along with its twin, the Plymouth Volare, it literally sent Chrysler on a downward spiral it barely managed to recover from. It was only after Lee Iacocca came on board as CEO that things got back under control. Basically, the Aspen/Volare duo were so bad they didn't even come with an FM radio; an AM radio was standard.

But they were failures for many other reasons. From the slant six engine that often stalled when drivers hit the gas, to major rust issues, brake failure, and even hoods that had a habit of flying open. Could the Aspen and Volare be two of the worst cars ever? Regular Car Reviews had a field day talking smack about this 1980 Aspen.

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