Why The 2016 Subaru Legacy Is The Best Boring Car You Can Buy


Not that we didn't mark a few areas for improvement.

Let's be honest here: the 2016 Subaru Legacy is not a very good-looking car. Neither was its predecessor. But underneath that rather plain vanilla skin is, without question, one of the best all-around mid-size family sedans on the market today. Boring can be good, as well as a hell of a great bargain. Unlike all other mid-size sedans, the Legacy is the only to come with standard all-wheel drive. You have to pay extra for that with the competition. The interior? Still won't inspire you to paint your masterpiece.

However, that's not necessarily a bad thing here, and that's one of the main takeaways we learned from doing this latest review. That somewhat awkward looking exterior allows for plenty of interior space, front and back, for people of all sizes.

The trunk? Massive for the segment. Power? It could be better. Reason being is that the boxer flat-four in our car was only decent. The optional six-cylinder isn't that much better. We don't care much for the CVT. We detail our solutions for both in the video review featured here. Special thanks to DGDG.com, located in San Jose, California for letting us shoot the car.

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