Why The BMW iX M60 Is Worth Its $100,000 Price Tag

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The M60 trim commands a $25,000 premium but it's worth it.

Luxury vehicles are rarely a rational purchase, instead relying more on emotions to bring in customers. The 2023 BMW iX is a great example; it's an outstanding luxury vehicle even in base form, but of course, the M Division needed to spice it up by building a faster M60 variant. Though it's not a "full" M model, the iX M60 trim offers acceleration that can make an M3 cry combined with luxury that trumps every BMW lacking the number seven on the back. But is it worth the price? We drove an iX M60 for a week to find out if it's worth the premium over an xDrive50i.

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An iX xDrive50i starts at a hefty $84,100, while the iX M60 rings in at a whopping $108,900. That $24,800 premium ups the total output from 532 horsepower and 749 lb-ft to 610 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 drops from 4.4 to 3.6 seconds and the top speed goes up from 124 to 155 mph. We'll come right out and say that the xDrive50i feels plenty fast, so there's really no reason to upgrade to the M60. Unless you're the type who loves to break your passenger's necks at red lights.

The iX M60 feels completely unnecessary, but it's not a bad value when compared with the rest of the EV market. A Tesla Model X Dual Motor starts at $120,990 and is a bit slower to 60 mph at 3.8 seconds. Admittedly, it has a higher range of 351 miles (with the smaller wheel option) but it's far less luxurious than the iX.

Even within BMW's own lineup, the iX still seems reasonably priced. The X5 M starts at the exact same MSRP and produces similar power, but it's a tenth of a second slower to 60 mph. It's also less comfortable, less luxurious, and not as smooth as the iX.

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If you only got the power upgrade, we'd understand not wanting to pay up for the M60. But you get other standard features as well. If you want a fully-loaded xDrive50i with similar content, you'll have to add several pricey options. Tack on the $2,500 Sport Package, a $7,700 Ultimate Package, $1,425 multi-function seats, $500 ventilated seats, and $1,000 Icon Adaptive LED Headlights, bringing the price up to $97,125. Want some larger wheels ($900) and genuine leather ($3,500)? Now we're talking $101,575.

The M60 is still more expensive, but now it's only looking like a roughly $7,000 upgrade. If you plan to equip almost every option to the xDrive50i, it seems silly not to spend a few grand more to get the faster model. The max range will drop from 324 miles to 288 miles, but assuming you don't want the ugly base wheels, the xDrive50i will only manage around 305-315 miles anyway. In our opinion, the intoxicating acceleration is easily worth $7,000 and a small range drop.

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