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Why the Cayman is Better than the Boxster

It's more than just a Boxster with a fixed roof.

Unlike the first generation, Porsche has done more to differentiate the new Cayman from the Boxster. Along with its own unique body panels, the Cayman’s mid-engine platform is one of the best out there for those seeking super handling and driving feel. Although it ain’t exactly cheap (especially once those optional features are figured in) the Cayman is still less money than a 911 while offering a thrilling driving experience in its own right.

It also shares a lot of components with the Boxster and has an identical interior, but because it’s a coupe and therefore more rigid, is it also the better driver’s car? The crew over at XCAR previously said the latest Boxster was the best car Porsche makes, but now they’re eating their own words.

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