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Why The Changes Made To The 2015 Mustang Are Paying Off Big Time

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Sales numbers don't lie.

Ford knew it was taking some risks by making the newly redesigned 2015 Mustang more mainstream. Gone is the solid rear axle, replaced by an independent rear suspension. A more efficient turbocharged four cylinder is also new, and is considered sacrilegious to many Mustang faithful. Along with traction control, added safety and an improved ride, the 2015 Mustang sports the most dramatic changes made in the car’s half-century history. And yet sales are soaring. Last month they increased by 36.1% compared to the same month last year.

A total of 12,663 Mustangs were sold. What’s more, the first three months of this year alone experienced a 52.1% increase, or a total of 29,811 Mustangs sold. Compared to the competition, Chevrolet Camaro sales actually dropped, but that’s probably due to anticipation about the redesigned model’s impending arrival. However, the Dodge Challenger also saw a sales spike, likely due to the Challenger’s Hellcat’s popularity, although far fewer of that particular trim level were sold compared to others. Challenger sales are expected to increase this month because the car is featured in "Furious 7." Going back to the Mustang here, it’s clear now that Ford’s gamble to make those major changes has paid off.

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