Why The Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Is Damn Near Perfect

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Meet the Stingray and Z06's love child.

You could go and spend about $85,000 on the hardcore and absolutely wonderful Corvette Z06. Add in a few option packages and you'll easily be hovering at the six-figure mark. It's an extreme machine, no doubt, and perhaps ia bit too extreme for some, such as former Vice President Joe Biden. Fortunately, Chevrolet understands this, hence all of the time and attention put into the Corvette Grand Sport. And if you think the Grand Sport is little more than a more expensive trim package, you'd be wrong.

It's literally the ideal combination of the Corvette Stingray and Z06, and it's also one hell of a bargain. We recently spent some time with a brand spanking new 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and, well, we think we're in love right now.

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A Brief History Of The Chevy Corvette Z06
A Brief History Of The Chevy Corvette Z06

Power comes from the familiar naturally aspirated 6.2-liter LT1 V8, with 460 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. Quick comparison: the Z06's supercharged 6.2-liter V8 has 650 ponies and 650 lb-ft of twist. While the Grand Sport has nearly 200 hp less, it does feature the Z06's wide body and side rocker extensions, to name just a couple of goodies. It also comes standard with a dual-mode exhaust system and the dry-sump arrangement of the Z51 package. Like we said, the Grand Sport is the Stingray and Z06's love child, inheriting a bit both from each. Special thanks to Woodland Motors for letting us film the car.

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