Why the Countach Was Simply Outrageous

Introduced in 1971, the Lamborghini Countach remains an icon in the world of supercars.

It was all about the styling. Along with its V12 engine, that’s perhaps the most vital reason why the Lamborghini Countach has become one of the most iconic supercars ever. Designed in 1971, everything about the Countach’s design was nothing short of outrageous. It was too low to the ground, had almost no rear visibility and about zero practicality. And yet it shocked the world. Still stunning today, the Countach's dramatic styling has aged incredibly well.

It's also been the bedroom poster of choice for young gearheads for years, including the Countach owner featured in this video. He had dreams of owning one as a kid and now that he’s swimming in the cash, his dream has come true.

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