Why the Dodge Nitro Was Nothing But Average

But still, it did the job for a few years.

Some may remember the Dodge Nitro as an example of everything wrong with the automaker a few years ago (pre-bankruptcy). Yes, it was a slightly larger and rebadged Jeep Liberty, but at least it was a true SUV and not same lame ass crossover disguised as one. Initially it sold decently well, but that was in 2007, around the time when shit hit the fan as the global economy began to melt. But Dodge planned the Nitro when gas was cheap enough and good fuel economy wasn’t so much a priority.

Within just a few years, however, the gig was up. The Nitro’s short life had come to an end. Does anyone really miss it? Good question, and one the guys at Regular Car Reviews attempt to answer as they take one for a spin.

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