Why The Heck Is Bugatti Planning No Special Editions For The Chiron?

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The only way to make a special car more special is to make it exclusive.

You can learn a lot by combing the rows of ancient but un-aged classics at the Pebble Beach Concurs d'Elegance although not every lesson will be car related. Some will instead center on the differences in priority that wealth brings. While most of us work to pay bills, the one percent uses wealth as a bragging right, and nowhere does that become more obvious than with one-off supercars. However, if Autocar's latest report has anything to say about that, Bugatti will not have a hand in building any.

This is a stark contrast to the route it took with its previous world-beating hypercar, the Veyron because Bugatti seemingly built more special edition Veyrons than normal versions like the Rembrandt edition we got intimate with. For now, that won't be happening with the Chiron, which we spent some alone time with at Pebble Beach last month, at least according to a Bugatti insider who knows the details to the company's short-term strategies. It's not that certain select group of Chirons will never get raised on a pedestal over their $2.5 million brethren, it's that the company simply isn't ready for that yet. According to the insider, "One-off color schemes and other special editions proved very popular with the Veyron, but we are not at that stage yet."

Given that 200 of the 500 Chiron have already been sold, that stage may come quick, but it'll likely happen when things start to slow down. After all, $2.5 million is a lot for a car, even for the extremely wealthy.

Those who can afford to put down the cash without batting an eye have already done so. Others may be waiting for the first drive reviews of the car to surface in order to see if it's a worthwhile investment, but even that supply of buyers is bound to run dry. That's when we can expect Bugatti to wield the power of exclusivity and begin building the special editions to keep the factory humming and rich people bragging. For now, we're sure the buyer of the first special edition Chiron, the Vision Gran Turismo, is quite happy.

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