Why The Hell Can't Mini Build The Two Cars We Want Most?

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Seriously, how hard is this?

Earlier this week, a report surfaced claiming Mini had approved a production version of the Superleggera Concept. That little two-seater is just the thing the brand needs to attract new buyers and not the disappointing Mini Roadster. We're still waiting for an official announcement, but now we're hearing something that's not so good. According to Automotive News, a new Mini Minor could be off the table. Only a few weeks ago, Mini strongly hinted that a reborn Minor was on its way, based off a new small city car platform co-developed with Toyota.


But now Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW's board member in charge of Mini, stated that he doesn't "see a smaller car than the current one." That's essentially a complete reversal of what we previously heard. On the bright side, he's totally down with a production-spec Superleggera and thinks it would be a "great addition to the Mini range." So there's good news and bad news here, but why can't Mini build both? A new Minor, based off 2011's Rocketman Concept, would bring the brand back to its roots while the Superleggera is something new and sexy.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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