Why The Hell Did This Guy Strap A Dead Shark To His Truck?

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There's no fooling around with someone who has a shark on the front of their pickup.

Lots of strange things creep up on drivers on the highway. Sometimes it's a motorcyclist, other times it's cars racing against each other, and sometimes it's a shark hanging off of the front of a truck. Yes indeed, nothing is impossible now as this driver clearly spent all of their fu**s on something else. It's important to note that this probably could only happen in Western Australia where this video was shot. Is it just us or do Aussies seem super easygoing about stuff like this and life in general?

Watch this driver terrorize the highway, and probably get some laughs along the journey. It's a little hard to tell, but closely looking will reveal the open mouth of the beast. One thing is certain: Don't mess with a driver who has a shark on the front of their truck.

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