Why The Jaguar E-Pace Is The Only Vehicle 90% Of Drivers Will Ever Need

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Jaguar stepped up to the plate ready to play in the big leagues.

Battles are rarely won in one fell swoop. What started as a struggle for any ground it could take has morphed into a rapidly growing charge for dominance by Jaguar Land Rover. And it's winning fair and square, one great SUV, one amazing design, and once piece of cutting edge tech at a time. The Velar is sure to be a killer on the showroom floor and like the Jaguar that's the subject of this video, the new E-Pace, it's gorgeous, comes loaded with all the right features a modern man or woman could want, and is priced to be attainable by the target audience.

The E-Pace follows that lead, which is why when Jaguar puts it on dealership lots, it's reasonable to assume they won't sit there long. If any more convincing of that was needed, then it might be worthwhile to see the E-Pace in action.

We're still a ways away from seeing actual journalists test the E-Pace to see how the tech stacks up, but this video is a perfect glimpse at how the E-Pace and every one of its design and technocal aspects come together in theory. As a crossover SUV, it has all of the practical features needed to make it useful, as a modern luxury vehicle it cocoons the driver in technology so that humans can focus on the task of being human and let the robots do the dirty work, and as a Jaguar, it has the looks, power, and agile movement it needs to earn its badge. We can't wait to get behind the wheel and see if it's as good as Jaguar makes it out to be.

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