Why The Kahn Vengeance DB9 Makes The DB11 Look Like A Joke

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Somewhere along the lines, Aston Martin screwed up. Luckily Kahn picked up the baton and moved forward.

As a designer from day one, Afzal Kahn knew that he wanted to be involved in shaping the objects that people interact with on a day to day basis. He began by studying architecture for a year, hoping to leave his mark on the world by literally building it. His enthusiasm, however, soon ran out. It's at that point that Kahn decided to take his hobby more seriously and make a career out of it. Little did he know that his decision would entail the hard work associated with creating a brand and the rewards that come with it.

Years down the road and many satisfied customers later, Kahn has built himself quite a name in the automotive industry as the go to aftermarket tuner for Aston Martin owners needing a bit more flavor in their lives. But his success didn't come overnight.

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Like any good entrepreneur, Kahn started slow, designing wheels and other components before moving on to full-scale custom jobs. One day, Kahn grew bold enough to mess with the iconic lines of an Aston Martin. In his opinion, the DB9 was one of Aston's last great muscle cars, but it hadn't evolved forward for quite some time. In order to spin the Aston Martin off into the car he's always wanted it to be, Kahn put his talents to work, emphasizing the vehicle's muscle tone with new lines and a bolder character. The result is closer to what would happen if Aston Martin and Jaguar worked together on the car, making it part animal and full time badass. This arena, after all, is for predators.

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