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Why The New 992 Porsche 911 Might Have The Perfect Body

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Generation after generation, the refinement continues.

There's one thing that'll never change in the Porsche 911's design: its silhouette. Nothing else looks quite like it. It's the unmistakable shape and rear engine setup that defines the 911 in so many ways, but there's still a need to move the design forward for every new generation.

The all-new 992 911, revealed at LA in late November, at first glance may bear a striking resemblance to its immediate predecessor, but a closer examination reveals several significant styling changes.

Of course, Porsche is the one pointing out these changes in this newly released video. Peter Varga, director of exterior design, gives us a walkaround tour presenting in detail his five favorite features of the 992.

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He proudly states that the 911 is "one of the most characterful vehicles in automotive history" because of its "unmistakable silhouette." But what new features does Varga refer to? Because, really, it's a 911 after all, a car once described by Jeremy Clarkson as having the laziest designers ever. Well, one new design example is the third brake light.

Did you even know it was there? That continuous taillight strip connecting the two sides not only forms a stunning light signature, but also pays tribute to the first-generation 911 Turbo. Porsche is all about tradition. Even the wider wheel arches and rear fenders were inspired by that first 911 Turbo.

For a more modern design element, there are the electric door handles. Up front, width has been increased and the headlight positioning was further emphasized. But overall, Varga's favorite new design feature are the 911's overall proportions. Think wider and lower for an even "cooler" stance. Because the 911's shape is so eternal, it's the small details that matter most. Combined, however, those details give the new 992 its own unique character and place in 911 history.