Why The New BMW M3 Is The Ideal Car For Crazy Stunts And Dodging Bad Guys

Probably shouldn't be trying this in any car, honestly.

This isn’t the first time BMWs were featured in a Mission: Impossible summer blockbuster. Previously, the BMW i8 concept and M6 convertible were the vehicles of choice for Tom Cruise as he chased bad guys amidst a wild array of stunts. And this July the fifth installment of the popular franchise will hit the big screen: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. So which BMWs will be featured this time? The new M3 and 3 Series. We previously brought you the first trailer showing the M3 in action.

Well, more like getting smashed. And now BMW M has created its own video promoting both the cars and the movie. Get ready for plenty of crazy stunts and BMWs taking a beating this July 31.

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