Why The Next Honda CR-Z Is Going To Be A Massive Improvement

And be more of a return to its CR-X roots.

There’s no question the Honda CR-Z has been a disappointment. After launching back in 2010 it quickly became apparent it wouldn’t be the CRX successor we were hoping for. True, it was the only hybrid on the market to offer a six-speed manual, but it sure as hell didn’t drive like a modern CRX. Fortunately, Honda has fully acknowledged these issues and wants to redeem itself. According to a new report from Motoring, a Honda source is claiming the CR-Z is poised to "make a big comeback in 2017."

Honda is basically working to restore its reputation of building affordably priced, good-looking, sports cars. The new NSX (though its expensive) and the Civic Type R are just the start. But the new CR-Z, due to arrive in 2017, will be sold in the US, unlike the Type R. This same source claims the new CR-Z will ride on a shortened version of the next generation Civic’s platform, but it’ll still be larger than the Fit. Power, however, could come from a detuned version of the Type R’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four banger V-TEC. Only the Japanese market version will utilize a hybrid system. In fact, Honda may end up calling it the Civic CR-Z in the US. All this combined with styling inspired by the NSX is sounding very good. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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