Why The Next Volkswagen CC Absolutely Must Look Like This

Holy crap! VW must build this car.

What you’re looking at, more or less, is the next generation Volkswagen CC in concept form. The Sport Coupe Concept GTE was revealed last week at Geneva and it’s truly a stunning thing. And from the conversations we had with VW officials, the production version won’t look dramatically different. Sure, the wheels will be smaller and the overall stance will be toned down somewhat, but that’s typically always the case. And now rendering artist X Tomi Design has cooked up a pair of images showing what that production version could look like.

And all we’re saying to VW is build this. Make whatever slight changes you need to do and get this on the road. It’s strikingly gorgeous and it makes the Passat (the US version at least) look even more boring than it already is. VW wouldn’t give us any precise time frame for launch, but we’d be willing to bet it’ll happen sometime in 2017. Here’s hoping this will be a global model because we’ve always been huge fans of the CC, the so-called poor man’s Mercedes CLS.

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