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Why the Oddball Dino Has Become a Ferrari Legend

Although it was never officially branded a Ferrari.

The story of the Dino 206 is both wonderful and heart breaking. It pretty much began Ferrari’s mid-engined era, which today has culminated with the 458 Italia. But Enzo Ferrari was initially opposed to mid-engined cars, especially those with smaller engines. But his son, Alfredo, or "Dino," wasn’t. The young engineer and hopeful scion was dying from muscular dystrophy, and nothing could be done to save him. It broke his father’s heart.

However, Dino had the idea of a low-cost sports car that could race in Formula 2 that was very different from anything else Ferrari was producing at the time. From his eventual deathbed, Dino designed its V6 engine, and in 1968 the Dino 206 hit the market.

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