Why There's Still A Chance The Dodge Viper Won't Get Killed

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So you're saying there's a chance...

Last week we learned that there appears to be no life for the Dodge Viper after 2017. The news came following a summary of the contract negotiations between Fiat Chrysler and the UAW. Reportedly, the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant where the Viper is produced could close and no replacement for the Viper has been announced. Not good. But there's still hope. Thanks to some fine digging by The Truth About Cars, that contract doesn't state outright "that there will be no Viper after 2017 or that Conner Assembly will definitely close."


What it does say is that "No future product has identified beyond the produce life cycle" of the Viper. Translation: FCA simply isn't giving the UAW any assurances that Conner Assembly will have work beyond 2017. The plant might close, it might not. And remember this is all still two years from now and a lot can happen before then. It's a given the Viper isn't selling well now, but that and other still unknown circumstances could change. Remember, the Viper's future (and Chrysler's, too) looked bleak when the second generation was discontinued in 2010. Look what arrived in 2012 (two years later) at the New York Auto Show.

Source Credits: www.thetruthaboutcars.com

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