Why Was This NFL Player's Maybach Abandoned On The Road?


The mystery deepens.

Brandon Spikes, a player on the New England Patriots, has been released from his NFL team following a controversial incident involving his $400,000 custom Maybach. The car was recently found completely abandoned on the side of I-495 on Sunday morning with an excessive amount of damage to the front end of the vehicle. There is a great deal of speculation that the car was involved in a hit and run accident.

However, it is still yet to be determined who was behind the wheel of the customized luxury car when it incurred the extensive damage. Although a mystery still surrounds who exactly was involved and what happened to the car, Spikes himself recently posted some photos on social media of him with the vehicle in question. So at the very least there is no question regarding who the wrecked car belongs to. Check out the pics for some before and after shots of the mysterious abandoned Maybach.

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