Why Were These 144 Exotic Cars Left Abandoned For So Long?


Life can be so unfair. Even to cars.

Back in 2013, a car trafficking ring in Vietnam was smashed, after more than 600 cars were found illegally crossing the border into China. Arrests were made on 5 May of that year when 15 cars were caught travelling to China, and since then 144 exotics and supercars have been collecting dust in a large warehouse. Ranging from a Maybach 62S and Ferrari F430 Spider to a Mercedes G63 AMG, numerous Rolls-Royces and a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the warehouse has now been opened as Vietnamese police prepare them for auction.

There's no word on why the cars weren't stored in better condition or why it took so long to arrange for them to be sold on. Perhaps the cops were waiting for the case to pass through the courts. Or maybe they were waiting for the cars value to go up before selling them. Either way, these beauties will soon be back on the road.

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