Why Won't The Alfa Romeo 4C Get The Quadrifoglio Treatment?

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Now that's something we'd like to see!

The 4C is the only sports car coupe in Alfa Romeo's current line-up, and while it looks as stunning as you would expect for an Italian sports car, it's been arguably outclassed by some of its European rivals like the Porsche 718 Cayman and reborn Alpine A110. You would think, then, that the two-seater sports car would be a prime candidate to get the range-topping Quadrifoglio treatment to stay ahead of the competition, particularly as Alfa Romeo offers performance-focused versions of the Gulia and Stelvio bearing the Quadrifoglio name.

Unfortunately, an Alfa Romeo 4C Quadrifoglio isn't high on the automaker's priority list right now. Speaking to GT Spirit, Pieter Hogeveen, Director of Alfa Romeo North America, made it clear that we won't be getting a hotter version of the 4C, arguing that he doesn't see any need to improve the current model. "I don't think it needs one," he said. "It stands on its own as a performance car so there's really no need to Quadrifoglio-ize it. It's already the best in its class." That's a bold statement, particularly when you consider how well received the reborn Alpine A110 has been thanks to its aluminium construction that makes it extremely agile.

Alfa Romeo

Responding to rumors that the 4C is being killed off due to dismal sales, Hogeveen assured the publication that "the car is still available. They are custom built to order. They are very special," he said. He refused to talk about the rumored updated model, though. Reports have suggested that the Alfa Romeo 4C is getting an overhaul later this year with revamped suspension, steering, and possibly a new engine. If this doesn't happen, we could be seeing a new Alfa Romeo 6C sports coupe positioned above the 4C to rival the Jaguar F-Type if rumros are to be believed.

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Alfa Romeo

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