Road Rage

Why Would A Motorcyclist Try To Run A Fellow Rider Off The Road?

This is one of the strangest road rage stories we've heard.

Normally when motorcycle riders get a hard time from drivers, the people behind the wheel aren’t fellow motorcyclists. That’s not the case here. This video comes from the UK and shows a rider getting run off the road by a truck driver he was attempting to pass as traffic slowed. Now the driver of the truck also rides motorcycles. We know this because there’s a video—predating this one—of him chasing down the helmet cammer (on his motorcycle) to yell at him about his dangerous riding.

To recap: A biker chased down another biker to yell at him about riding dangerously. He punctuates his rant later in time by running the guy off the road while he’s driving a massive truck. The UK is a strange and angry place.

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