Why Would Anyone Want To Buy The 2015 Chevrolet Volt?

Because really no one is.

Times are tough for GM’s electric cars. The Cadillac ELR won’t be returning after its product cycle finishes and now word has come down that production has ceased on the Chevy Volt. What gives? For starters, sales have come to a screeching halt. There’s reportedly a 210-day stock of Volts which is no good at all. The Detroit factory that makes the Volt is also preparing to switch gears to the 2016 model. It’s not as bad as it first sounds, but it’s still not good.

The 2016 Volt looks pretty good, is more efficient, powerful, lighter—basically it’s better than the 2015 in every single way. Even though Chevy has made significant improvements to the Volt the fact that it had to cancel production on the 2015 (in part) due to lack of demand is troubling. Here’s hoping the 2016 model is more competitive on the market, if only to drive competition and innovation in the electric vehicle space.

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