Why Would Someone Swap Out This Ferrari's V12 For A GM V8?

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Ignore what the valve covers say.

This is generally not what you do with a classic Ferrari, or any Ferrari for that matter. What you're about to see is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE without its original V12. In its place – wait for it – a 383 Chevy V8. Is this even legal in Italy? Perhaps not, who knows? But in America anything is possible with cars, as the House of Muscle's Mike Musto always loves to point out. Normally Musto focuses on muscle cars, not Italian exotics. But every old car has a story, and this Ferrari 250 GTE is no exception.

Quick history lesson: why is the 250 GTE so special in Ferrari history? Because it was the first Ferrari to have four seats. This 250 GTE's current owner originally thought it was a kit car in the classifieds because the price was too good to be true.

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Turns out it had an engine transplant and it needed an awful lot of work. Reason being is that it was once a Ferrari parts car. So instead of letting it be further used for automotive organ transplants, its new owner decided to rebuild the old Ferrari his way, and this is the damn cool result. Just don't tell the Italians about this. Old Man Enzo would not have approved.

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