Why You Should Care About this 1964 Jaguar E-Type Barn Find

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Nothing this beautiful should be locked away for so long.

Wherever your allegiances lie, when it comes to the Jaguar E-Type there's no denying its place amongst the very best of automotive design. So when one appears after 42 years in storage, it's a moment to savor. Not only does this particular 1964 model have a near-pristine interior thanks to its secluded lifestyle, it also boasts some Bugatti pedigree. A previous owner happened to be a Bugatti race driver, who took the E-Type to a race mechanic in Molsheim, France, to boost output and increase top speed by 7 mph.

That, coupled with a rust-free Opalescent gray exterior and having travelled just 28,500 miles in its 50 years since leaving the production line, makes this a very special barn find. The French auction site where it's being sold estimates a bid of 38,000 to 45,000 Euros should be enough to secure this iconic automobile. Compared to prices paid for other cars in today's crazy classic car market, that sounds like an absolute steal.

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