Why You Should Get Excited For Honda's First Electric SUV

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We can't wait for this to launch.

Ford has the F-150 Lightning, BMW has the i4 and Hyundai has the Ioniq 5. It's crazy that Honda doesn't have a pure battery-electric model, at least not here in America. Japan gets access to the cute little Honda e, but the automaker has already realized the gap in its lineup. Thus, we have the Honda Prologue. It's a vehicle that we were told would be an electric sports car, but that has now changed. What we're getting is an SUV instead. But that's no reason to fret - we think it's going to be a very attractive machine.


We've incorporated elements of the Honda CR-V and SUV e-concept in the render for a mix of future and current styling, but if you're wondering how big it will be, the Prologue is going to ride on GM's Ultium platform and appears to have a similar footprint to that of the Cadillac Lyriq.

It is expected to be joined by a more luxurious Acura sibling too, with both models likely to have a maximum range of around 450 miles per full charge. With figures like those, attractive styling, and plenty of space for all your family's luggage, this could be a great way to announce Honda's electric presence in the US.


"The Prologue will provide our customers with a battery-electric SUV with the excellent functionality and packaging they've come to expect from Honda," says American Honda's executive vice president Dave Gardner. But don't expect too much info on the Prologue for a while yet - all we really have are the name, approximate dimensions, and underpinning details.

We'll soon see prototypes and teaser campaigns doing the rounds though, and more electric Honda offerings will follow in time. With Honda's reputation for affordable pricing, excellent quality, and sturdy construction, the Prologue should be a sales success. But has the carmaker waited a little too long to establish an electric range in America? Only time will tell.


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