Wicked Fast Tesla Model S Smashes Quarter Mile Drag Race Record

Ludicrous mode lives up to its name.

The Tesla Model S is one fast machine off the line. When you add in Ludicrous Mode, well things only get faster and more ludicrous (see what we did there?) This Model S owner took his P90D spec car down to Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina and managed to set a blistering quarter mile time of just 10.804 at 121.99 miles per hour. The new time, if confirmed to be accurate, beats the current record of 11.244 seconds by nearly half a second. That is a huge margin for a quarter mile race.

This record time is likely helped by the fact that the P90D recently received an output bump earlier this year. This car was also specced without a panoramic glass roof, which helps save a large amount of weight. It comes as no surprise the Model S is wicked fast, I mean it beat a Lamborghini Aventador. Poor Lambo.

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