Widebody Czinger 21C Hypercar Coming With 1,350 HP

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That extra 100 hp makes all the difference.

As though 1,250 horsepower weren't enough, California-based supercar manufacturer Czinger is already upping the ante with its earth-shattering 21C - a car that packs a flat-plane-crank 2.88-liter V8 that spins up to a staggering 11,000 rpm. That "ante upping" will come in the form of a new widebody model with an extra 100 hp, plus a wider set of wheels shrouded in flared bodywork to lend extra grip.

"Anybody who buys one of our 80 21Cs can tick for a widebody version on the options list, giving them a hypercar that might not be the best for narrow Scottish or Welsh roads, but will definitely be great for the race track," Czinger Chief Commercial Officer Jens Sverdrup told PistonHeads.


The 21C widebody will be ready in time for the first customer orders, meaning that anyone buying the $1.7-million hypercar will have the option of checking the "widebody" box. The model will get its extra kicks from a combination of better V8 power density, and some improvements to the car's hybrid system, but the improvements won't result in any increase in powertrain weight; combined, it still weighs a total 450 kg, or about 990 lbs.

With that, the widebody's power-to-weight ratio is expected to be around 1,080 horsepower per metric ton - better than the Koenigsegg One:1. It'll retain its bold, driver-focused tandem seating configuration and surprising livability.


That livability will come from a powertrain that's been extensively tested for noise, vibration, and harshness, according to Sverdrup. The 21C's 2.88L V8 has "the tone of an old F1 engine once you hit 6,000 rpm," he says, but it's perfectly easygoing around town, partly because the car "lean[s] more on the batteries at low revs."

"We know that in a car like this, refinement and smoothness has to be really, really good," Sverdrup told PistonHeads. "Anything less is just unacceptable these days."

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