Widebody Porsche Taycan Turbo Finally Looks As Fast As It Is

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It's perfectly aggressive.

The Porsche Taycan has been an undeniable success for the German sports car manufacturer, and the 2023 model is better than ever thanks to some handy software updates, but there's one thing that has been bugging us since it first came out: they all look more or less the same. From the base model all the way up to the Turbo S, the Taycan doesn't exactly shout "hyper EV performance," but that is all about to change. Prior Design, which offers wild body kits for most of Europe's luxury car brands, is known to do excellent work on Porsche vehicles, and it has now developed a kit for the Taycan. We've seen some cool-looking Taycan kits before, but this takes the cake.

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

The new widebody kit has been designed explicitly for the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S and does wonders to differentiate it from the rest of the Taycan lineup. Prior Design starts off by using a glass fiber Dura-Flex mixture which it claims offers both high stability and the right amount of flexibility. This material is used on the redesigned front end, which features enlarged front vents, a massive splitter, and crazy vents over the widened front fenders. The side profile continues the theme of widening the Taycan's body with thick rear fenders and aggressively stepped side skirts.

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

At the back, Prior Design has struck a stunning balance between track-day aggression and daily driver: a tasteful lip spoiler sits above the iconic Porsche logo, and down below, the new diffuser looks more aggressive than the standard Turbo piece. The kit has been specifically designed for Turbo models but won't fit on cars that feature the SportDesign front bumper. The kit can also be fitted to lesser models, such as the Taycan and Taycan 4S, but only when retrofitted with the Turbo or Turbo S' front spoiler and diffuser (if you don't tell, we won't).

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

Prior Design takes pride in its work, and its pricing reflects that. The entire widebody kit, which consists of ten pieces, will set you back a cool €8,950 (around $8,942), but the company also allows its customers to order parts individually. Some of the more prominent parts include the front spoiler, which costs €1,590 ($1,588); the rear tailgate spoiler, which is priced at €890 ($889); the rear diffuser, which goes for €1,590 ($1,588); and the side skirts which are sold at €1,490 ($1,488). We don't see a massive number of Taycan kits out on the market, but this one is our favorite so far.

Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design Prior Design

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