Wiesmann Has Beaten Back Bankruptcy

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The situation looked grim back in August, but Christmas has arrived early for Wiesmann this year.

In a world where it's more difficult than ever for a boutique sports car company to survive due to some harsh economic realities, Wiesmann sadly filed for bankruptcy last August. Exact reason(s) weren't given, but nevertheless, it was still hard to see a beloved brand fail. Today, however, we can bring you some good news: Wiesmann has worked out a deal with its creditors to avoid bankruptcy and has applied to dismiss its insolvency proceedings.

A meeting will take place on December 16th between Wiesmann and its creditors to work out the final details. We're really hoping everything will go as planned because the thought of no longer having those BMW-powered little German-built roadsters was hard to take. Although they're not sold in the US, Wiesmann has a very loyal following throughout Europe with models such as the MF3, MF4, and MF5 GT and Roadster. The company got its start back in 1993 and until now it looked as though it would only have a 20 year existence. Welcome back from the near dead, Wiesmann.

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