Wiesmann is Still Fighting to Stay Alive

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It's make or break time here for the Wiesmann brothers.

Earlier this year Wiesmann finally bit the bullet and filed for bankrtupcy. It was sadly a longtime coming as the boutique German carmaker, known for its BMW-powered roadsters and coupes, was having financial problems since 2009. Founded by brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann in 1988, the cars have a loyal but small following and those owners would really hate to see things shut down completely. However, a new report is claiming that the Wiesmann brothers aren't giving up just yet.

The pair are now reportedly negotiating with potential investors in order to find a solution within the next four to six weeks to revive the brand. The brothers have also outright stated that there's a solid chance they won't be successful in securing funding. Let's hope for the best. But say if things were to work out with a new investor, what would be done differently so that the company doesn't find itself in the same situation again? Friedhelm Wiesmann stated that one of his first tasks would be to develop and launch a much less expensive model. The base price for the MF3, the cheapest model previously sold, was a hefty $207,000. That new entry-level model, however, would still cost roughly $130,000.

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