Wiesmann MF5 Meets Fiery Death in Germany

Warning: this is not a pretty sight.

This is actually a disturbing sight, at least for anyone who has a thing for Wiesmanns. In fact, anyone who has an appreciation for high-performance boutique roadsters in general will not be happy. For some unknown reason, the silver Wiesmann MF5 recently caught on fire somewhere in Germany while driving on the freeway. Whatever caused this fiery inferno is a bit of a mystery at the moment. But as you can see the car burned to a crisp.

Considering this is a front-engined sports car, it’s interesting to note the fire only engulfed the rear. The highway patrol and firemen who responded to the incident stated the fire may have started due to oil leaking out of the engine or the fuel tank, and then came into contact with the exhaust pipes. More than likely, the cause will be discovered, but it doesn’t make this incident any less traumatic for Wiesmann enthusiasts or the car’s owner.

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