Wiesmann: Quite Possibly the World's Ideal Sports Car Builder


In a world full of Porsches, Ferraris, and numerous others, Wiesmann stands out as one of the finest sports car makers.

Back in 1985, brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann founded their boutique automaker with a clear goal in mind: to build a modern, fun driving sports car that evokes the design of the classic roadster and coupe. Adopting as their logo the gecko, they wanted their cars to "stick to the road like geckos to a wall." And now, some 27 years later, Wiesmann has rightly earned that reputation as builders of some of the finest two-seat roadsters and coupes on the market.

Based in Dulmen, Germany, the company's philosophy revolves around the enjoyment of a pure sports car, one that has incredible driving dynamics and combines elements of motor racing with an individual lifestyle. And of course, there's that timeless design that's been combined with the latest in automotive technology. The torque-enriched BMW engines and lightweight bodies combine together to properly celebrate what's possibly the perfect sports car. The Wiesmann MF3 Roadster, for example, debuted 18 years ago and has been a continued evolution ever since.

And just last September at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the automaker revealed the MF3 final edition: the last of the six-cylinder inline engine models. All Wiesmann models are instantly recognizable not only due to their brand name, but because they epitomize what many consider to be the best blend between old school driving fun and the latest advances in building techniques. Powered by a range of BMW engines that include the inline six-cylinder and a twin turbocharged V8, owners are even offered the chance to take their cars to specially organized Wiesmann events.

One example includes the upcoming Wiesmann on Snow weekend that will take place this January 13th to 17th. Owners will be given a weekend of winter road training in the Bernina Pass, which connects the Swiss ski resort town of St. Moritz to the Italian town of Tirano in the Val Telline Valley. And now we've collected a series of beautiful Wiesmann photos by Niklas Emmerich in celebration of the brand. In an industry where attention is often given to the big boys such as Porsche and Ferrari, we thought it was time to feature this wonderful automaker to our loyal readers.

Source Credits: www.flickr.com

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