Wiesmann Reportedly Working On Second Sports Car

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Even though the first one has been delayed multiple times.

Remember Wiesmann? The German sports car manufacturer began building vehicles in 1993, but none were ever sold in the United States. Wiesmann went bust back in 2014 and has been attempting to stage a comeback (or multiple comebacks) ever since. We haven't heard much about the company since 2019, when our spy photographers captured pictures of the Wiesmann MF6, under development as Project Gecko.

The automaker's website provides a brief update that brings more questions than answers. "Wiesmann will be unveiling a new model in 2022. Given the changes in the market over the last few years, a new exciting proposition will be announced soon," Wiesmann says. "Alongside the new model, Project Gecko continues to be developed. Stay tuned for further announcements in early 2022."

If we read that correctly, Wiesmann has two new sports cars on the way.

That's some pretty surprising news from a company that's struggled to launch a new model for over two years now. Project Gecko was originally slated to arrive in 2020, but has been delayed multiple times. The project has been pushed back so many times, the original powertrain no longer looks like a viable option.

Wiesmann has a long history of using BMW engines to power its sports car. The previous MF5 used the 5.0-liter S85 V10 engine from the E60 generation BMW M5. The upcoming MF6 was slated to use the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 from the current M5 producing 600 horsepower, but any mention of this engine has disappeared from Wiesmann's website.


As of now, Wiesmann is rumored to be usin some form of electrified drivetrain in its Project Gecko sports car. The MF6 name was never made official, so there's a possibility this car could use a different moniker. As for the new model being shown in 2022, there are no details available at this time. It seems like a long shot, but perhaps 2022 will be the year Wiesmann finally stages its big comeback.


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