Wild 800-HP BMW M3 Becomes A Reality

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The power of the imagination has no limits.

Back in late 2019, we reported on a Polestar 1 that got a crazy body kit. This car became the real-life representation of one digital artist's imagination after he created the car for the most recent Need For Speed video game, The Heat. Now another of his kits, sold under the Live To Offend banner, has made its way to real life on an E30 BMW M3. But before you drag the owner of this car across the coals for chopping up a classic, it's worth noting that this wasn't a perfect E30 to start with, and once you see what other modifications it has, you may just foster some respect for the build.

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Besides the caricatured proportions, the first thing you notice about this car is the livery, which is clearly inspired by Allen Berg's 1991 DTM racer. Here, it gets a few tweaks including the deletion of the Tic Tac logos from the doors. As for that kit, it would draw attention regardless of what design it was wrapped in.

Both the front and the rear fenders feature large bolt-on panels with matching side skirts, a beefy front spoiler with an extended lip, a crazy diffuser, and of course, a massive wing. A defining feature of LTO body kits, the rear also boasts a louvered window.

Lookmush/Instagram Lookmush/Instagram Lookmush/Instagram

A kit as wild as this would look out of place with standard stance, so this one has seen the addition of an Airlift Performance air suspension setup along with perfectly-specced wheels from Brixton Forged. But what we're really interested in is the crazy stuff done under the hood.

The E36 M3's S52B32 engine resides here but now features upgraded pistons and rods to handle being turbocharged. Along with a host of supporting mods that include an E36 M3 gearbox, this car produces over 800 horsepower. Thankfully, there's a limited-slip diff at the back, but we wager that driving a car with more power than a McLaren 720S while having no airbags is quite a thrilling experience. We'd love to find out.

Lookmush/Instagram Lookmush/Instagram Lookmush/Instagram Lookmush/Instagram

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