Wild Lamborghini Urus Crash Destroys Florida House

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Florida man crashes rented Lambo, escapes fire, and then flees trail of destruction.

As the saying goes, 'only in Florida,' one of the few states you will see stories like this. A sketchy Lamborghini Urus driver speeding excessively through a residential neighborhood, then crashes into a house, rental exotic catches fire, and the driver leaves the scene. But that is a fairly regular occurrence in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL area, where speeding recklessly in rental exotics often leads to a crash.

According to WSVN7 News, the driver of the Lamborghini was identified and arrested after the suspect checked himself into a local hospital. He ran there wearing only socks. Thankfully, no major injuries were reported in the destruction zone that the driver, 24-year-old William Dion McQueen Jr., caused here.

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McQueen was driving the rental Lamborghini Urus at a high rate of speed and completely ran through the stop sign hitting a Nissan Pathfinder in the front fender. The momentum flipped the Urus, which then careened into the house on the corner of the intersection. The powerful Italian SUV continued to roll, then catch fire. At this point, a good samaritan rushed to the aide of McQueen, who seemed dazed by accident.

It was reported that the Nissan Pathfinder had the right of way, but the excessive speed and two-way stop sign violation weren't witnessed by residents. Once the security video was released, it was clear what actually happened.

"I yanked him right out of the truck, and I laid him down by the trash can," said resident Clarence Middleton after helping the McQueen. "He was hurt at first, but as soon as I picked him up, he snapped back out of it and said, I'm good, I'm good. Then ran off with no shoes on; he just had his socks on."

McQueen apparently then snitched to the police on himself while being treated for injuries at the hospital. Although there is a significant burden of proof here, no charges have been laid yet. As for the civil matters, the exotics rental company is likely taking its standard five-figure deposit and seeking damages for the balance of the $225,000 vehicle cost.

Then the Pathfinder also has to be replaced, and will likely be covered by the rental company's insurance. The substantial damage to the house from the car crash looks like it could be a total loss.

Source Credits: WSVN7 News

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